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About Us

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Established in 2012, we are a 501 c3 nonprofit registered in the US capitol Washington  DC. Our work in the early years focused on inclusive society and neurodiversity in the workplace.

After a decade of informal (pro bono) and formal support to grassroots, refugee camps initiatives, support to small- businesses, women-owned establishments, and nonprofit organizations, we experienced first-hand inequality and gaps in a range of basic human rights services.

We also observed the many challenges and restrictions imposed on the government-to-government contracts and global aid cooperative agreements and decided that the Washington Diplomat Foundation will be dedicated to empowering grassroots and local NGOs and small businesses.

We joined hands with a wide range of like-minded passionate professionals with all education and experience backgrounds to help us steer the WDF mission.


The Washington Diplomat Foundation believes in driving transformations that have a significant impact on society by creating social good outreach programs, cultural interconnections, and community development initiatives.

We provide a tailored approach and deliver change that matters. We know that every situation is unique and deserves a detailed analysis.

Our work spans multiple sectors and functions. We work with country partners and international development agencies to build strategies and execute protocols that promote sustainable societies.

We are contending with new and intensified risks and have adopted wide risk management strategies to better enable effective programming in high-risk situations.

Fragile and conflict-affected countries are in delicate situations and often exhibit several common characteristics, such as social injustice, poor institutions and services, substandard infrastructure and government capabilities, just to name a few...

Fostering trust, security, and strong institutions is critical to helping these economies advance and gain stability. The Washington Diplomat Foundation works closely with partners teams to develop mutually beneficial and advantageous relationships to create a world where all people can live with integrity and feel safe.

Responding to complex humanitarian crises requires close coordination between different factions and an understanding of where each can add the most value..


Build relationships to make specific projects come to fruition and have positive impact.

We believe in effecting change at the grassroot level and that everything begins in the community.
Communities shape society, beliefs and the future of the world at large. We are best at showcasing our work and the impact it has for building positive results by engaging with the entire community.

Bring different perspectives and people together by engaging the different stakeholders in aspects that are important to them and helps everyone achieve their goals.