Our Footprints

North Africa peaceful security programs

Tripoli- community-based reconciliation

Rule of law in North Africa

Enforcing criminal justice reform in Libya

Afghanistan peace process

Afghanistan study group

Promoting international coordination in vulnerable communities & fragile states

Conflict and monitoring framework in Arab world

Stabilization & resilience in Iraq’s minority communities

Promote the rule of law in fragile zone

US & Arab world international partnerships WDF: interorganizational global forum: peace & security programs in Africa & the Middle East

New Syria study group

WDF taskforce on extremism in fragile states: new youth generation advisory council

Who We Work With:

  •  Grassroots and NGO’s
  •  Women-owned businesses, & economic empowerment programs
  • Global-aid organizations
  • Civic & civil organizations
  •  Emergency response organizations
  • Think tanks
  • Academic & healthcare institutions