Issar Issa

Issar Issa Director of special Conflict and stabilization Operations, overseeing the planning, implementation, and security of MENA PACS’s regional programs issar has also conceptualized and created curricula for partner institutions. On June 2013, Mr Issa created innovative regional security sector programming in response to the Arab Spring that was recognized by many international Agencies especially NATO and Interpol. Issar has considerable expertise in Security Sector Reform (SSR). he has served on security sector assessment trips to, Libya, (2011-2020), Algeria (2019), Morocco (2018), Egypt (2019), Mali (2012-2016), Burkina Faso (2016), Cameroun (2017), Western Sahara (Polisario Front) (2014-2018) Iraq (2017), Syria (2012-2017), Pakistan (2012), and Ethiopia (2014) and for the EXBS U.S. government (2017-2019) and has advised governments and international organizations

how to design security assistance programming to deliver strategic and sustainable results. On 2013, Issar issa was a Senior Program Officer at serval International Agencies, since June 2015 he oversaw DDR and DDR programs throughout the MENA region focused on criminal justice sector reform, rule of law, border security management, and community-security partnerships, and led the launch of serval American organizations’ MENA Regional Office in Tunisia. Before this, he worked in local government as an Inclusion Specialist overseeing programs to foster community engagement among marginalized groups Prior to joining MENA PAS, Mr. Issar served as Independent Action research (IAR) for International Organizations specialized in Energy’s National Nuclear Administration (NNA). He was specialized for all activities in the Middle East and North Africa especially the INP (Iranian Nuclear Program) relating to the conversion of research reactors and isotope-producing facilities from highly enriched uranium Also he oversaw the International Atomic Energy Agency global program for removing highly enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium and the U.S. disposition program for excess plutonium and HEU. Mr. Issar Issa has also served on multiple UN Missions support since 2013 including UNSMIL Mission and MINURSO (united nations mission for the referendum in western sahara), he served as an advisor to UN security council Panel of Experts in charge of resolution 1973, 13497, and 13371 ISPC (2011)